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ExpatsAbroad was founded to provide professional relocation services to students, short term travellers, and long term immigrants who wish to work and live in the Netherlands. These services are comprehensive, and can include language tutoring as part, or separate from their scope. We are registered a registered company within the Netherlands, and are committed to developing our clients relationships with their new hosting country.

About us

Company Introduction

We have been founded in response to a large demand in overseas citizens wishing to make the move to the Netherlands. This is due to a number of holiday programs being offered by the Netherlands and foreign governments, as well as a growing recognition of the benefits a life in the Netherlands can entail. These benefits include a family oriented culture, pragmatic government with generous support opportunities, that make it an ideal destination.


Along with this increase in demand has been the discovery of a lack of localised information for travellers wishing to make the move. Navigating government services inside the Netherlands can be difficult, and we are focused on making this transition as fluid as possible for our clients.


We will accomplish this by strategic partnerships in both countries, with experts in their field. As well as employing bright, motivated people willing to ensure your experience is as great as it can be.

The founder of ExpatsAbroad, Jennifer Kang, is an entrepreneur, mother, and international expatriate herself. Since leaving her home country of Korea in 1991 she has lived, studied, and worked abroad for over 13 years in both the U.S.A and the Netherlands. Her local connections and client focused attitude has enabled the launch of the company Expats Abroad that she continues to manage passionately.


Jennifer’s wish is that Expats Abroad would enable their clients an individualised service with a personal touch to help them overcome the hurdles that come with relocation to a foreign environment. She ensures the Expats Abroad not only provide a connection with the Netherlands prior to relocation, but on-going care through the sharing of her professional network, and accumulated knowledge of the Dutch immigration system to ensure on-going client satisfaction.

President, Jennifer Kang
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