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One on One/Small group

English & Dutch

The Netherlands a great destination for travellers, as the majority of the population can communicate in english at a fluent levels. Expats can feel comfortable that If they speak to people in English, they will respond in English. However, most Dutch native speakers would still prefer to communicate in Dutch, as well as most government departments use Dutch in their formal documents. Given this, most long term visitors and immigrants, will look to learn a good level of Dutch for integration, as well as to open more opportunities in employment and their social lives.

We’d love to extend to you the opportunity to participate in our Dutch and English tutorials to increase your confidence, and allow you to integrate with Dutch society at a comfortable level. Please see below for a general outline of these programs.

Pronunciation, Practical and natural expressions, Communication skills in daily life & business.


Strategies to improve your listening skills, Lessons learnt through practices & real life experiences.


Expressions and strategies for private & business writing, Topics for business documents and emails, admission essays, etc.





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