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Relocation & Language Services

for expats moving to 

The Netherlands

Short stay new apartments in Amsterdam


Available apartments in July, Aug, Sept 


For a fresh start

in a new country, 

where, and

how do you start?

Whether you require assistance through the short, or long term, ExpatsAbroad can assist you with services to get you on your feet!

We provide assistance with one-on-one,

or small group conversation classes in English or Dutch, accommodation, immigration and registration, and the other vital components of living successfully in the Netherlands.

"ExpatsAbroad promises

a successful relocation

and a head start in the Netherlands."



Moving is both exciting, and nerve racking.

We hope to take these nerves out of your move through providing a comprehensive service to take the edge off settling in and getting started, leaving you to the exciting parts. This service will see your through your move by providing a clear path towards your new adventure, and providing you with the tools for a successful beginning.

Working holiday

The Netherlands is a great country to live and travel in. Having a high standard of living, high wages, and diverse cultural backgrounds it makes sense to work here. It is a country that celebrates independence and innovation, and can be a rewarding place for young innovators and entrepreneurs alike. ExpatsAbroad are here to help you make the move, and to open doors towards the many opportunities that may await you.

Language Tutor

Worried about the language barrier?

With the flexibility to provide one-on-one tutoring or small group sessions, in either English or Dutch, ExpatsAbroad will ensure that you can integrate, and operate within the Holland community. We cater towards short-term travellers, those arriving for working holidays, people preparing for work or study, and expatriates and their families.


How we help

Residence Permit

BSN Number

Bank Account


Phone Contract

  • Setting up the first appointments with the immigration department, and preparing you to obtain your residence permit.

  • Provides you with a checklist of documents required and procedural information for obtaining your BSN.

  • Provides a consultancy service throughout the process for Q&A.

  • Assists with booking required appointments in your desired city of residence.

  • Provides a checklist of documents and the procedure to open a bank account with your chosen bank.

  • Guidance on picking a mobile carrier, and expected costs/benefits.

  • Provide a list of necessary procedures and must-have documents.

  • Accompany the applicant if required.


When I first came to Netherlands, I had lots of problem. I was having serious administrative problem between the embassy and the IND. Thanks to her help, I am living well by adapting myself. She helps not only general administrative procedure but also life in Netherlands and adaption. I strongly recommend to those who are worried about their first step of going to Netherlands  :)

- JW Eom

As my son was going to Fontys University, I recently got accommodation in Tilburg, the Netherlands, through ExpatsAbroad. I can't thank them enough how comfortable it was from starting the contract to moving in, with their kind support. As a parent, I would like to highly recommend this service ^ ^

- KM Park

I knew from beforehand that it was not easy to get a room from a local site and communities before entering the Netherlands. My friends who are studying in the area or other friends who came to working holiday like me were struggling with renting somewhere to stay and ended up staying in short-term accommodations temporarily. In my case, finding a home in a safe and convenient area within my budget was my first concern, and thanks to ExpatsAbroad, I was able to solve this problem completely in a short period of time! I heard that there are a lot of real estate frauds for foreigners like me, but Expats Abroad helped me with reviewing rental contracts as well. Also I was able to proceed the important steps such as opening a bank account, applying for BSN, and signing up for medical insurance quickly and clearly. With these helps, I was able to concentrate on other important preparations. If you are worried before coming to the Netherlands for the first time, I would love to recommend Expats Abroad. 

- MJ Nam

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